Game Work

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist, Northway Games, 2019-21
Writer, Artist

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is a card-battling life simulator where you play a teenager in humanity's first extrasolar colony. Due to the effects of the eerie wormhole that damaged your ship and continues to threaten your colony's chances for survival, you relive your teenage years over and over in the hopes of securing a future for humanity in the stars - or not.

Click here for a list of awards and nominations.

Endeavor, The Game Agency, 2018-19
Artist, Animator

Endeavor is a suite of educational modules designed to teach children in Grades 6-8 in 20,000+ schools about career opportunities in science and technology.

The Medical Machines module won Gold at Serious Play 2019 and Best in Show at eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions DemoFest 2019.

Dr. Neb, The Game Agency, 2019

Dr. Neb was developed for CHEST, the American College of Chest Physicians, to teach physicians about the benefits of nebulized medicine for patients with COPD. It presents players with roleplay scenarios in the style of an interactive novel.

Game Jams and Small Projects
Artist, Animator, Writer

Build-A-Bara (2015) and Doki Doki Princess Investigator (2014) are 72-hour projects developed during the WTF Game Jam.

Comic Work

Motherlover is a slow-burn romance comic about two moms who realize they may be more than friends. Features Imogen, a stay-at-home mother of four who dreams of a freedom she knows she'll never have, and Alex, a cosmopolitan single-mother-by-choice grieving the loss of her emotionally distant parents.

Motherlover has been signed by Iron Circus Comics and will be published in print in 2023.

How Baby is an autobiographical webcomic that uses humour to address the universal struggles of new motherhood, such as issues with identity, mental and physical health, happiness, and societal expectations.

How Baby has been featured on The Huffington Post and won the 2017 StArt Faire Excellence in Webcomics Award for Best in Comedy.

Amplify Her (2015), a fantastical imagining of female electronic music producers for a documentary of the same name.
Bones of the Coast (2017), a horror story about the urban legends of feet washing up on the beaches of the Pacific Northwest.
Clean Up (2016), a story of after-hours shenanigans for RAW HOUSE, the 18+ imprint of Deep Engines (defunct).
Dirty Diamonds #8 (2016), a short meditation on erotica and performative pleasure.
Comics in Transit (2015), a single-page comic displayed in a bus shelter.

Personal Work

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My name is Lindsay, and I create stories through words and pictures. I graduated from Simon Fraser University and also studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. I've worked at the indie game studio Anemone Hug Interactive, and recently wrote 600k+ words for I Was A Teenage Exocolonist. In addition, I regularly update two comics: How Baby and Motherlover.

Largely, I like to use my voice to tell more feminist, body-positive, sex-positive stories that often feature gender and sexual minorities, non-white characters, disabled characters, and unconventional relationships. I prefer partnering with writers, artists, editors, and publishers who strive to do the same.

I'm a nerd for tabletop and video gaming, cooking, geography, art books, organizing and interior design, and emergent internet culture.

I am looking for long-term contracts in game development, primarily in writing and narrative design. I'm particularly on the lookout for anything that fits the above, especially where it intersects with motherhood.

I'd sure like to work with you! Please contact me for information.